Tuesday, 28 August 2012


he is the richest musician in africa with the biggest media house in Senegal which has radio stations and TV stations he also has some big time investments in real eastate ,this legendary African musician with his one of kind voice also at one time served as Senegalese cultural ambassador.

This konvict music signed twins duo of peter and paul okoye from nigeria makes $250000 per show and the fellers have been booked up to march 2013.

Their a crib aptly titled squireville locateda at ikeja is worth $3 million they also have a 3 years deal with nigeria leading telecommunication company globalcom as brand ambassador where they are paid a million dollars yearly.

The koko master is his other moniker.d banj is the first african signed to kanye wests label good music.
it is reported that the flamboyant musician from nigeria made a whooping $5 million  as a campaigner for President Goodluck Jonathan.
He has a series of high end clubs in Nigeria known as koko lounge and his own line of mineral water i.e koko water.
Dbanj also made $1 million dollars when he was paid by a certain tv station to star on his own reality show called the koko mansion.
As if its not enough d banj has a crib in atlanta worth $1.5 million.
the koko master charges $100000 per show.

This veteran Congolese musician has released seven albums which have done well in the market and the maestro charges 100000 euros per show

He is known for his distinctive voice and in  abroad they simply call him the African jewel.he is a very humble dude despite his riches.The albino musician from mali has his own island and some real eastates in france

This former back up singer for koffi ollomide is credited for modernizing lingala music.He is a poster boy for a variety of clothing brands in Paris where he performs at sold out shows.

The 'African queen' crooner has a vast investment in real estate across Nigeria.he makes$50k to 80k per show.he also has night club in Nigeria

One of the most respected jazz artist from Africa.He owns a big studio in Botswana.masekela makes his money through in vitations to big festivals across the world and the sales of his albums

If u like u can also call him mr capable.This Nigerian born r n b musician does 3 to 4 shows per week.he has been a brand ambassador for estisalat mobile in nigeria and currently he is the face for Samsung products in the west African nation.with his generous heart Banky w has started a charitable organization known as Mr capable foundation which helps bright children from poor families

The valu valu singer is the biggest money maker in eastern africa.he has fleet of fuel guzzlers which include;cadillac escalade,mercedez benz ml 200 super custom convertible and a premio
he owns a big mansion in seguka hills in the outskirts of Kampala where the elite class of uganda resides.


  1. remove chameleon coz he has nothing for your information you guys you must do survy before you pin some thing on google. talk about people like PREZZO. DJ CLEO. DJ S'BU. ok if you want to iclude uganda talk about BOBI WINE there.

    1. U talk bullshit! That Bobi Wine of yours is known in Uganda only. U cant put him in the same plate with Chameleon. Evry music fan in Africa knows him. The list is OK.

    2. Aaaah! man. i dont know the above u talkin about. all of you just have pocket money.

  2. These list is good and complement the Richest Musician in Nigeria. You are right with the list.

  3. your list is not accurate: 2Face and Psquare don't make that much per show. You should do some research. You might wanna get some information from promoters. Have y'all heard about Manu Dibango, the Cameroonian musician? why is he not there?

  4. you talk about bobiwine he is nothing compared to jose chameleone who has ahouse in u.s.a and aplot in kigali, daniella villa, a house in muyenga, a house in seguku, coco beach, construncting another one in munyonyo ,not to mention more.

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  6. First of all chameleon isn't the wealthiest musician in Uganda how did he get to that list yet musicians that are richer than him Uganda are not on the list research before you post false information on the net

  7. The one who made this list must visit Uganda first to value the so called mansion where there`s no even an access road to that house not a mansion,your list was not so bad but for chameleon you lied make a good research,and chose number 10 again!!!

  8. number ten is wrong~~~~make research
    i don't like bobi wine but if we are to face the truth,bobiwine is the richest musician in uganda

  9. I love Nigeria,keep it up Nigeria musicians

  10. lindsay mbu You dont know what you are saying, do you want to compere Cameroonian musician and Nigeria? I think you need to group up before saying anything on the internet...nobody knows Manu Dibango, in the world you only know him in your Cameroonian country ok......This Manu Dibango, is no even rich then Wiz kid...guy you need to learn more before saying anything ok....dont allow people laugh at you on the internet....

    1. what do you know young Francis Manu Dibango is richer that all of the musicians fron number 7 downward so be careful ok if Micheal Jackson can know him then who are you you need to know things young man

  11. How can chameleon be nr. 10 n in his evaluation list they include dat he owns a supercustom n premio....omg trusted dis list nat until i read nr. 10....do more research...ask hw much he charger per show...$4k per show n dats outside uganda n $1k in uganda n u say he nr 10...